Frontdoors is a AI door that will recongnize you and keep you safe.

It allows you to securely access and interact intelligently with your doors.

Bringing the future to your frontdoors.

What Frontdoors offers you?

Security has never been this convenient.


Our device allows users conveniently interact with their doors remotely or physically. It provides a great deal of comfort and ease.


Our Artificial Intelligence will detect any disturbance and perfrom security measures to protect your homes and offices as best as it can.


Using state of the art AI technology to detect and recognise users faces and capabilities to interact with visitors and detect intruders.

Security, has never been this convenient.

We are all about your security and comfort.

  • Face Recongition

    Face Recongition Access

    Our device comes allows users to accurately train their faces, so when next the come approach their door, the device recognizes them and let them in.

    Family members — Friends — Coworkers faces can also be trained by our sophisticated, efficient, and secure state of the art face recognition software.

  • Pin Option

    PIN Access

    Our device allows users to input a 6 digit PIN on the touch-screen LED display on of the device. This approach is also fast, secure and very efficient.

    Family members — Friends — Coworkers can all be granted PIN access with their custom 6-digit PIN from the applications and access can be granted to them within the specified time.

  • Remote Access

    Remote Access

    Our device allows users to accurately use their apps to lock and unlock the doors into their houses or offices. This approach really dependent on the speed of the internet.

    Family members — Friends — Coworkers can be granted access from a remote location in real time.


Other features provided by the device.

Drop A Message

When a vistor drops by your house, and you're unavailable at that time, the visitor is provided with the option to drop a message.

Manage Users & Access

Users can easily be created and granted access either permanently or temporarily from the web or mobile applications easily.


At any given time, your door video stream can be viewed from the applications and the state of the door can be altered as well.

Interact with Visitors

Our AI device can interact with visitors and ensure that they can at least get their message across if no one is available to open the door


Our device is equipped with sophisticated sensors that can detect people and save video to a secure location, as well as other operations.


Our AI device also works to keep you safe by detecting and analyzing new visitors or faces meticulously. This works in real time to keep you safe

Use Case

Entire process takes about 3-5 seconds.

  1. 1


    A user approaches, and if face recognition is enabled on the device, user's face gets scanned at or less than 5 feets from the device.

  2. 2


    Based off of the outcome of the above, or the outcome of the other access options for the device like PIN, access is processed.

  3. 3


    Once access is granted, you can enter into your home or office majestically like the royalty you are.


Failed Verification

If the door doesn't recognize a user, or a particular visitor has no access whatsoever to that door, he/she is provided with 2 options, to drop a message, or call. Data is therefore securely transmitted to the device owner(s).

Who is Frontdoors for?

Our device will enhance the functionality of any given door, and allow the owners a great deal of comfort and automation.



With numerous access options, and a efficient, secure and reliable technology, getting home is something you'll begin to look forward to.



With added features like Workers clocking, succinct logs, and so many more, having a frontdoors device in your Office(s) would be amazing.

Want to know more?

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